Things I Believe - Part 2

As we get closer to the year end, I thought it was a good time to revisit the Things I Believe.

1. I believe that I seriously need to hit the gym and get into shape but all that Thanksgiving food is not going to go to waste around me.

2. I believe that even though the Patriots are a monster of a team, they are flirting with some bad karma by running up the score on people.

3. I believe that the death of his mother is going to really change the music that Kanye puts out. Can't wait to hear what his next project will sound like!

4. Speaking of classic hip hop, I believe that Jay Z made a great comeback after the disappointing Kingdom Come with a very good American Gangster CD. Party Life is my shit!

5. I believe that since people have brought back fat rope chains and Gucci links that somebody needs to come with the dollar bill sized herringbone.

6. I believe that on the low Talib Kweli is killing it in 2007. Have you heard that remix for Hot Thing? Pure fiyah!

7. I believe that there is a clear divide between middle class and lower class black people. We have very different priorities now. How did this happen?

8. I believe that if Stephon Marbury really had dirt on Isaiah Thomas like he threatened, them fools must be running hoes in and out of the locker room in New York.

9. I believe that a night at home watching a good game is better than any night at the club.

10. I believe that it is mad suspicious that all these famous black men are getting indicted by the Feds lately. In this time of snitching, brothers better be real careful.


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Ebonne said...

I agree with 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10

Ebonne said...
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