Who Ya With?

Even though I didn't participate in a day of service to commemorate the King Holiday on Monday, I have been thinking about finding some way to give back. Last year at this time, I was volunteering with a local organization; picking out clothes for foster kids and helping school children learn to read. Never mind that my primary motivation was the cutie that I was trying to get to know. Along the way, I really enjoyed myself and got a good feeling from doing my part to make my community better. The closer I got to the sister my Saturday morning were more filled with servings of hot sex and less filled with serving hot meals. Eventually, we looked up and it had been months since we participated in a volunteer event.

Several months later I find myself reminiscing about the feelings I got from volunteering more than the feelings I got from my ex. There are plenty of worthy causes that merit giving my free time. However, that is the problem. Too many choices. Do any of you volunteer? If so, what are some of the organizations that you work with? How did you decide on what you wanted to do?


Vivrant Thang said...

"my Saturday morning were more filled with servings of hot sex and less filled with serving hot meals" LMAO! I'm just as bad because um...I don't see this as necessarily a bad thing. Hehehe!

No seriously, I just wrote about this over on one of my Myspace blogs. To whom much is given, much is expected. So I pledged to get back into volunteering in '08. My criteria was that I wanted to serve a certain community: young, black women or girls that were college bound (I have so much advice to give). Or I wanted to do something that built on my interests and allowed me to step outside my comfort zone a bit and enhance my skill set.

So soon I should be volunteering with an organization that mentors and empowers teenage girls. I'll also be volunteering at the Newseum doing special events and educational programming. I also plan to look into volunteering at the African American History and Cultural Museum when it opens.

Gonna try to be about business and stay away from any potential hot sex on a platter!

Eb the Celeb said...

I work with some athlete charity foundations... its just easiest because I'm so busy with other things... but I really have a desire to be a big sister. Being the oldest of 5 I really feel the need to guy someone and when I left for college that didn't happen for me anymore because I never returned home. My siblings still talk to me about everything, and called me constantly, especially when they were beefing with my mom... but I feel like we have a pretty solid upbringing that they dont really need me. But some little girl might. So I would suggest big brother big sister... especially how cultured you are and liking to go to museums and such, young guys really need to see and experience things like that.

Skoolboi Krush said...

Vivrant - I didn't say it was a bad thing. That is why I'm just now thinking about getting into volunteering again. LOL

Eb - I was seriously thinking about Big Brothers Big Sisters. There was a guy on the radio the other day talking about the lack of black males involved in the program.

One of the things that I'm passionate about is literacy and making sure that kids and adults have good reading and comprehension skills. Maybe I will find something in that area.

MysTery said...

I def understand. Right now I am voluteering for organizations that are close to my heart. UNICEF, Habitat for Humanity, VDAY (Vday.org), and Stop Trafficking (Stoptrafficking.org). I am sure there will be more to come.

Good luck!