Hold Your Head!

The World According to Pretty Toney

Ghostface Killah is one of my all-time favorite rappers. Recently, he has released a book for "y'all smart dumb cats out there." Check out some of his philosophies.

Warning: Foul language, use of the n-word, and put your drink down before listening.

On Livin'

On Hustlin'

On Love

On Nutrition

On Toneology


dejanae said...

i'm wit u on the ghostface tip
"make a new toilet bowl or something man"...lol

eclectik said...

You're talkin...got some somefin I can deal with on here.

Ghost Deni is the truth

Good biz fam


MsMarvalus said...

Whew! This was a little too raw for me...the truth, but ooh!

Skoolboi Krush said...

dejanae - Dude is hilarious but he is spitting the truth.

E - Yeah, I know you lovin' that Big Doe Rehab.

msmarvalus - Yeah, that is why I put the warning. He is droppin' some jewels though.

"Wash your face THEN was your nuts!....and scrub hard!" LOL

Caesar Cannon said...

Ghostface is that guy! He tell it how it is on here and I definitely feel him on most of it.

but when you think about the wash your face then nuts thing, doesn't it kind of defeat it's own purpose anyway? you got the wash rag, scrub your face, then scrub your nuts, but the next day, you scrub your face with the same rag you scrubbed your nuts with anyway! you still got germs from your nuts touching your face. that's just me though.

soumynona said...

Ghostface does is big but he's part actor like most rappers but on here he is telling it like it T.I.S. - comically of course. I feels the ghost sometimes (not to be confused with the Holy one - lol)

Opinionated Diva said...

LOL! I only listened to the first clip, but dude definitely had me rolling at how strongly he felt people should scrub their tongue because "bacteria be tap dancing on it"! LOL!!! It's nasty but funny as hell.

LMAO @ Cannon...I wont even comment further! lol