Passing Notes

Bad Habits

There are some serious things I need to change about myself but today I find myself focusing on the little things that I know I shouldn’t be doing. I don’t plan on completely stopping any of these but if I can cut back on a couple, I’ll be doing well.

1. Procrastinating
2. Biting My Tongue
3. Swearing
4. Drinking soda
5. Drive-thru

What are you bad habits?

What Are You Wearing?

I was looking in my closet recently and I realized that I need some new clothes. Usually, that is a great reason for me to go shopping which is one of my favorite pastimes. I haven’t been shopping since before Christmas so I decided to check online to see what some of my favorite stores had to offer. Is it me or has all the clothing in the men’s section become extra bright, tight, or just gay as hell? All the shirts have some big skull design or shiny logo all over them. The jeans have way too much design or bedazzling on the pockets. I’m too old to be walking around with some big print across my ass. It’s as if you have to go on a serious mission to find good men’s clothing, unless you want to dress as if you are eighteen.

As a grown ass man you should not be wearing:

1. Sneakers to match every color of your shirt

2. Jeans with a big logo across the behind

3. Oversized clothes that don’t fit (You are not a hanger)

4. Short sleeve dress shirts (these are made for little boys going to Easter service)

5. Excess haberdashery (a doo-rag, headband, and a fitted cap...really?)

Am I the only one that sees this mess?

Hawks Bow Out

My Atlanta Hawks went out like a chump! I am so pissed that they didn’t even show up to play on Sunday. Somebody needs to be fired. Seriously! The coach, Mike Woodson, and the General Manager, Billy Knight, don’t even speak so one of them has to go. Honestly, I’m proud that my team made the playoffs. It makes me feel good about the money I shelled out for season tickets. Anyway since my team is out of it, here are my playoff predictions:

Eastern Conference Finals
Celtics vs. Pistons

Western Conference Finals
Lakers vs. Hornets

The Finals
Celtics vs. Lakers


Who you got?


MsMarvalus said...

My bad habits? Oh, damn...
1) I'm with you on the soda...addicted to Cherry Coke Zero
2) I also am with you on the cussing...bad Marvalus!
3) Biting the inside of my jaw
4) There are others, but I'm in denial...

I agree about the ultimate winner of the NBA Championship; just not the teams to get there...I can't believe I just admitted that cause I am NOT a KB fan...I don't sleep on his skills, I just don't like him...

clnmike said...

Lets see bad habits

1 Procrastinating

2 fast food

3 drinking

4 smoking

5 womanizing

Skoolboi Krush said...

Marvalus - I'm surprised to find out that you cuss. You seem so mild-mannered. At least you know that you are in denial about the other things.

Clnmike - Womaninzing, huh? At least they know what they are getting into up front, right?

Johanna D said...

I'm glad you mentioned that short-sleeved dress shirt thing. I HATE to see men in those. Even my nephew wears longsleeved shirts. Just roll it up a little if you that hot or going for a more casual vibe. About the playoffs, I refuse to admit that Lakers gots this.

lov said...

Hey Krush!

First time here. This is nice!
*sits down and gets comfy"

My bad habit is definitely cussing.
I agree with your predictions BUT I pick Celtics over Lakers assuming they come to play...
I'll be back!


Skoolboi Krush said...

johanna - Welcome! Yeah, I have a guy in my office who must have one of those short-sleeve shirts in every possible color. Just sad! Don't hate on Kobe!Gotta Love the Mamba!

lov - Welcome to the Playground! Expect to see you around here more often even if you are a one of those swearing Celtics lovers. LOL

Always.Funky.Fresh said...

All of those extra bright, logo, shiny crap is all good...if I'm a damn hip hop artist but I'm not...so shopping is a damn task nowadays. I'm with you on that....

By the way, your Hawks got whooped like my Wizards....(actually worse but still a "L")

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

That part about grown men wearing clothes and dressing like an 18 year old is so on point, I want to high five you.
I complain about that mess all the time.
Please, don't be forty and approach me wearing a shirt with glitter and rhinestones plus, your jeans are hanging past you behind.
Step away.
A well dress man is sexy.

Skoolboi Krush said...

fresh - You feel me, right? I have no desire to walk around dressed like Soulja Boy. A loss is a loss. Don't matter if you lose by 40 or by 1.

TTUQ - ^5

soumynona said...

Man I have too many bad habits but if I could stop procrastinating the world wouldnt even be ready!!
The Lakers prob have the best chance just as long as no one gets hurt. Can you believe that Kobe is playing basically without a tendon in his index finger?? Rediculous