Top Five Tuesday: Dreams

As my birthday quickly approaches, I find myself thinking more and more about my childhood and what type of man I thought I would be when I reached this age. I’ll be 38 on June 16th. This is definitely not the life I expected when I was walking across that stage twenty years ago to pick up my high school diploma. Wow! Twenty years is a long time but for me it has taken that long to grow from a boy to a man. Yeah, I thought I was a man when I was twenty-five and living carefree. I thought I was a man when I was married at twenty-eight. Realized that I wasn’t the man I thought I was when I was thirty-five and divorced. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful life so far. The hardships that I have gone through are nothing compared to many folks. Some that are reading this blog. Looking back, I am proud of how much I’ve changed.

Top five things I thought I would be doing now when I was eighteen:

1. Retired from the NBA and starting my own financial services company
2. Dating either Sheila E., Janet Jackson or whatever singer is hot at the time
3. Own a big house on the lake in Seattle
4. Attending the college graduation of all of my younger cousins
5. Mentoring young men to achieve their dreams

Questions of the day:

How does your life differ from when you dreamed as a youngster?
Do you think you’ll still achieve those dreams?

Top five gifts I want for my birthday:

1. Spending a long weekend with CL in a nice hotel
2. A new suit, shirt, tie and pair of dress shoes
3. The last two seasons of The Wire on DVD
4. Wii
5. CASH!!!!


Anonymous said...

We have tons in common... I'm a gemini too for starters. Greatly reflective post... loves it.

Blah Blah Blah said...

At 18 I thought by this age...
I'd be a rich man's wife.
That's it.

When I say rich...I meant Warren Buffet rich.
As oppose to ...say...Denzel rich. Money over beauty.

Ummm, yea...that's what I thought at EIGHTEEN. lol

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

my life is the same as then as now, just older doing the same stuff

and not the wire folk

get them suits

Skoolboi Krush said...

gotta let it out - thanks fellow gemini! when is your birthday?

blah (3X) - get your paper up! do your best anna nicole.

all-mi-t - i can see you as a shorty driving teachers crazy. the suits will be got! please believe.

MsMarvalus said...

I wanted to be the next Oprah...seriously. I went to J school and everything and just knew that I would have my own talk show...I also thought I would be mother to my own NBA team (5 boys)...whew! I'm glad that didn't come to fruition!

Happy Early Birthday! I hope you get what you want!

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

You are old!!.
I am craking up at the dating Shelia E thing.
You would have had the NBA thing down. At least the part where they have girls dedicate "I'm so cried out"
Let me stop.
You are a young man who can still acheive your dreams. You can do the entreprenuer thing. And you Should def get out and mentor our young brothers they need a good role model. (Do it).

Since, I am still 21 (coughs) I have plenty I plan on acheiving soon just got to get my behind into gear.

Good luck on a Wii. I went into Game Stop for one the other day they were like try again another day. Or maybe Pgh is just lame.

Oh and that fifty is one it's way.
Just don't hold your breath while you wait on it.

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

wow you really don stole my TOP 5..wow!!! justjoking..but seriously..When I was young I dreamed of just getting married, teaching grade school kids and having kids of my own..my dreams were simple then...NOW I dream of living on an island, sipping HURRICANES while the Champ rubs my feet..still simple right??

Opinionated Diva said...

At 18, I honestly wanted to just get out of Brooklyn and be independent. At that age I never SERIOUSLY considered what my life would be like...but from what I came from...I've come a LONG way.

There is definitely more to accomplish, but I am more than happy with the woman I've become.

Skoolboi Krush said...

marvalus - if tempest bledsoe can have a talk show so can you. go get that! five boys? that's a singing group.

sharon - you are wrong for bringing up my high school misadventures. the way i've been feeling lately, i need my own mentor. 21, huh?

gg - yeah, you can still have all those dreams. you pick the island and i'm sure the champ will do whatever he can to make it happen for you. lol

odiva - its good that you can appreciate what you've achieved and not worry about what you haven't done. keep up the good work!

Rich said...

Retired from the NBA

You know, I was surprised at how tall you were when we met.

I definitely thought I would have accomplished more professionally. Heck, I just learned about a year or so ago that I was looking "out there" for my happiness when it has been with me all along. Tap into your inner man and the success, happiness, and dreams will follow.

A Go Bytch said...

*sighs* I recently did a post like this called "Little You" but Happy Early birthday If I'm not on tomorrow. And, I thought I would have at least 4 kids by now with a nice chocolaty husband and a Fourtune five (five-hundred for short)company..yes by NOW. Oh and you're Gemini huh? Do you have that split personality thing going?