I was going to write a review of Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys but Invisible Woman summed it up perfectly.

Check it out:
The Family That Preys (On your wallet)


Anonymous said...

I can't stand Tyler Perry but I thought he'd put something good out this time... thanks God for her review, cause these all would have been things that would have made me walk out!

Hey Hey! you and the the Cute lady of yours so loved up that I IMAGINED you were shacked up somewhere far away not blogging in bliss and shit! LOL

Invisible Woman said...

Thanks for the shout! :-)

Skoolboi Krush said...

Q - I didn't even pay and wanted my money back. LOL! I am trying hard to keep it as blissful as possible. Hadn't been blogging much lately because of work and writer's block. I'm still checking you out though.

IW - You are welcome. You definitely put down everything that I was thinking and more.