Weekend Wrap-Up!

Damn, it seems like the weekends keep getting shorter and shorter. I just left work and here I am back up in this bitch again. I pretty sure, these people can tell that I am not happy to see them. Whenever someone speaks to me before lunch, I give him or her mumbled “good morning” and keep it moving. Remember that promotion that I was going for a couple months back? Well, that shit went to someone else from a different agency. She is a nice woman but she has no clue how we work so I am training her on how to do the job that I should have had in the first place. I really need to get out of this place before I pull a serious DMX. “Y’all gone make me lose my mind up in here…up in here!”

Another contributor to my grumpy mood this morning is that fact that my doctor told my big ass to go on a diet, 1800 calories per day. I am in a constant state of hunger right now until my body adjusts to the way I am eating now. If any of you ATL bloggers see me on the street with some fast food, knock it out my hand and say, “Stop eating that, fat boy!” Do not worry about any repercussions because I am too hungry to chase after you. LOL! I am not the best cook so I think I am going to get very tired of eating the same thing repeatedly. If you can give me some quick and easy healthy recipes, it would be appreciated.

As far as my weekend went, it was pretty chill. CL and I just hung out on Friday night, drinking Grand Marnier Cosmos and watching television. Saturday we went to see her boy, Vin Diesel, in Babylon AD. It was not horrible but it would have been better on late night cable than at the actual movie theatre. Next weekend, I will probably be like most other guys and have to sit through another predictable Tyler Perry movie. I hope that I can convince her to check out Lakeview Terrace or that new DeNiro/Pacino flick as well.

I did get a chance to catch some football this weekend. Loved seeing Georgia Tech go up top and beat Boston College. East Carolina is beasting on folks too. UW got robbed on that excessive celebration penalty. As far as the NFL goes, the Dirty Birds surprised me with their performance. I hate that Tom Brady got hurt but it almost feels like more of that karma for the Patriots. I would say the Cowboys looked good but they did not play anybody. How about my Eagles though! Donovan is healthy and we are about to put the smack down on the NFC East. Gee-Gee (Redskins) and Eb (Cowboys/Giants), I hear y’all rolling your eyes. LOL!

Wasn’t the slightest bit interested in the VMA’s. Nobody that I am checking for is ever nominated or scheduled to perform. Let me know when the Grammy’s are on.

How was your weekend?


shine said...

Haha--to the DMX comment. 1,800 calories a day! dang, yes, u are going to be irritable. u better use those 1,800 calories for only the finest of foods. I would imagine that u could fit some fast food in there if u cut out lunch or breakfast. I can't wait to see Lakeview Terrace!

Opinionated Diva said...

You're not the only one who isn't the slightest bit interested in Tyler Perry...I honestly don't get his allure. at all!

I am way to spiteful to train someone who got the job I should have had...that's some bull shyt for real.

Good luck with the diet!

Anonymous said...

Yea man I hope to watch Lakeview and Righteous Kill too - normally i am not trying to watch Tyler Perry flicks at "the show" - but I think this one will be pretty fly. Good weekend for movies because lately other than, Cheadle in Traitor they have SUCKED!

Skoolboi Krush said...

shine - when you say the finest of foods, are you talking about a healthy portion of spaghetti, fried chicken and some grape kool-aid? LOL

odiva - yeah, the entire tyler perry thing is a mystery to me. i got suckered in to daddy's little girls and why did i get married?, but never again! trust me they are really trying my patience at work. thinking about wearing an obama shirt on friday. thanks!

bbgcmac - welcome to the playground! cheadle was off the hook in traitor. before that, the last good one i saw was dark knight and even that ran too long for my taste.

Skoolboi Krush said...
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Anonymous said...

True that! I threw rocks at the screen at Hancock and walked clean out of Indiana Jones - Mirrors was WEAK and I thougth cause Jack Baur was in it it might be dope. Did you see Tropic Thunder yet? Need I waste my time or what?

Thanks for the welcome!

Vivrant Thang said...

You are a mess. LOL! But you already know that.

I was an angry black woman this morning myself. Thank God I have a closed door office.

Re: work situation. That sucks. I can see why you would be looking at the front door. I would be too. Look carefully before you leap from the frying pan into the fire though.

He should have just told you to make small lifestyle changes at a time instead of saying "Get your big behind on a diet pronto!" Like stop drinking soda or cut back on the fast food to once a week, etc. Would have been more palatable.

Were those Cosmos on the new diet plan?

I'm all over Traitor, Lakeview Terrace, Quantam Solace and Soul Men this Fall. I think Family That Preys will be along the lines of Why Did I Get Married? I think you might be surprised. Hell Sanaa is in it, who cares what it's about. Once you tell her it's Deniro and Pacino together again in RK, she should be down for that. I can't wait!

Why are you surprised? All we need is a healthy DMac and we're contenders again baby! West is gonna do what he do. They can't hold him. Receivers didn't have butter fingers. Our rook looked NICE out there. Linemen actually protected their QB. Our defense is always solid. Now all of this against a 3-13 team of course. (Did you see dude get hit so hard one of his locs fell out?! LOL!) The real test is on Monday and I expect the same thing. It's on and poppin COWGIRLS! Let's get it in!

I'm currently awaiting my tix to see them play at the MECCA against the Deadskins. I can barely contain myself.

MsMarvalus said...

::clapping my hands::

Yay, Donovan! I love to see D get down...show 'em baby!

Good luck with the diet...I'm in the same boat...I wish you success.

I happen to like TP's movies, even though I know the ending before the movie starts...I couldn't answer the question why...I guess I feel like I need to support his uber-rich ass still...

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I am a fan of Tyler Perry, the man, not his movies. I usaully wait for the DVD.
He went from homeless to millions got to respect that.

I am like you at the job. They gave me all kind of lip about how great at my job I am and skilled I am but, then told me I am not a team player. I was like cause this team sucks. I got to get out of there.
Oh and they want me to use my non team playing skills to help others they bring in. I ain't helping no one.

Skoolboi Krush said...

bbgcmac - no, i have no desire to see tropic thunder. was it good?

vivrant - yes, i already know that i'm a mess. lol! i have already had the experience of taking another gig just for the money only to find out that it was not worth the loss of peace of mind. no, the cosmos were not on the plan but they were good. sanaa is the main reason why i don't mind see this movie.you know we got the cowboys next monday night, right?

marvalus - didn't know you cheered for the eagles too. that's what's up. appreciate the well wishes on the diet.

sharon - you sound just like me. i'm like eff all of y'all if you think i'm going to help this chick do something she should already know how to do.

Vivrant Thang said...

@krush I see you just skimmed my long ass comment. I said it was on and popping next Monday NEGRO! LOL! I got the schedule in my Blackberry. I'm at the sports bar next Monday in my Westbrook jersey.

I came back to tell you that you need to get your cooking game up PLAYAAAA! http://everydaycookin.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Naw man I was asking YOU!! (about Tropic) Nevermind - hell man by the time I have time for the movies this week it will be Friday - the good shiggidy is about to come out!

Eb the Celeb said...

Good luck with your diet... I am a week in and I have cheated more than not

those cosmos sound good... send me one

now on to the real deal

ya'll didnt play anybody either... best believe when ya'll touchdown in Dallas our defense will show and prove just how young and inexperience your receivers our... and westbrook is NOT going to run all over our line like he did the rams... also... mcnabb will NOT get that much time in the pocket...

so we will see you for MNF... best believe I will be right back here boasting around 11pm next monday!

rebecca said...

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