Passing Notes

What’s good! I hope that everybody has fully recuperated from all the bottle poppin’, booty shakin’ and celebratory sexin’ y’all did over the weekend. This week has already gotten off to an interesting start: Obama is still the President-elect, Lindsey Lohan is still showing her PWT membership card by referring to African-Americans as colored, and the Cheetah girls have a sex tape. Welcome to the Good Life!

CL and I saw the new James Bond movie over the weekend. I thought it picked up where the last movie left off but CL thought it was hot garbage. Did you see it? What are your thoughts?

Shaq is officially old man crazy. Old man in basketball years because he is still a young man. Did y’all catch this fool shoving people all over the court the other night? The next night, he tries to decapitate a kid from the Pistons. Then, he’s starts talking about going back to the Lakers, like they would want his ass. Just give it up already!

R.I.P. Shakir Stewart – Morehouse College alumnus

Apparently, Beyonce is Sasha Fierce.

I went to the mall for the first time in months last week. It’s like a junkie falling off the wagon. My Nordstrom card is burning a hole in my wallet. Just in time for Christmas shopping, right? If you are in the shopping mood too, here is a brief wish list for your boy:
1. Wii or Xbox 360
2. Colorful winter sweaters
3. Black boots
4. Something good to read (remember, I don’t do ghetto literature)
5. Blazer or Sports Coat

What’s the last CD you bought? I need some good music.

Anybody else watching NBA TV? Isn’t Eric Snow the most boring analyst you have ever seen? However, I do love when Gary Payton and Chris Webber are hilarious though.

I don’t see any harm in having a drink at lunchtime before coming back to work. Especially, when your Director calls you into his office to discuss why two of the women in the office don’t like each other. Like I am about to get into that mess.

How do you console someone you love when they are hurt beyond your ability to repair?

Anyway, this is just some of the things that are on my mind today. I hope you have a good and productive week.


clnmike said...

The Gnarls Barkely album is hot.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Shakir Stewart was my folk

A Go Bytch said...

You are crazy as a bessie bug.. You know the only reason I knw who Eric Snow is .. is from The real houswives of Atlanta is that sad? Or just a woman thing???

Is it bad to have a drink before work? Look around... look around.. I don't see a sign. I would say as long as you are not slurring in speech and tripping over yourself.

You have a short list for Christmas! Longer than mine I don't want to disappoint myself.

Go b.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking your blog off preview mode. You made my day!!!!

CDs...I've been listening to Kindred the Family Soul. Yeah, they have a new one out. Love it. I copped John Legend and Jon B.

The colorful sweaters you want...you talking bill Cosby colorful? Lol.

I don't think I've ever seen one James Bond film.

Eric Snow is a commentator?? I'm not surprised he's boring. Hell, he got sleepy eyes so he always looks like he's about to break out a yawn at any moment.

Chris Webber is blah to me too. Never been a huge fan though.

As for Shaq, he must've been smoking that 'ooh-wee' to think the Lakers would want him back. Talking about it was Phil's fault that him and Kobe were beefing. Uh, dude, Phil is still the coach so how is that gonna work? Time for Shaq to retire. If he could speak proper English that we could all understand, he might get a commentator offer but no dice there.

Skoolboi Krush said...

clnmike - I have heard a couple people say good things about that one. I'll have to pick it up. Thanks!

T - I was wondering if you knew him being in the music business. I never met him but he came across like a good dude.

A Go - What in the heck is a bessie bug? You can't be in Atlanta and not hear about that show. I am a basketball junkie so I've know about Eric Snow every since his big brother played football at MSU. "look around...look around" - what comedian said that? My list is short because I'll probably end up buying those things for myself.

Ieisha - I'm a big Kindred fan so I can't believe that I missed that one. Nothing wrong with a Bill Cosby sweater. The uglier the better. I'm going to let you slide for not seeing any James Bond flicks but let's get it together, okay! Yeah, Eric Snow is mad boring.I have never been a Chris Webber fan either. Dude seems like the classic poser. Gary Payton makes the show though. Sounds like you hate Shaq as much as I do.