The Passion Test

My sister has been on my case recently about finding out what I really want to do in life. I guess she can sense my unhappiness with my current career path and feels as if I can do more. This morning she sent me an email:

Have you seriously asked yourself the passion test questions, like…

What is my passion?

What do I love to do that I would not care if I was ever paid to do it?

What is it that I do where I lose all track of time or get lost in?

What were my childhood hobbies or dreams?

I am in the airport and overhear a conversation with a few people. What subject would they have to be talking about that would pique my interest and I would have to say something?

Now, I don't really have any answers for these questions right now. Just something I need to think about. Love my sister for looking out for her little brother.


CurvyGurl said...

Happy New Year, Krush! You know...I struggled for a while trying to answer these very questions...only to find out that God was leading me towards it gradually. Spending a lot of time thinking about it can make the process too stressful, it'll come to you...you'll start to notice the little things that motivate you and hold your interests.

clnmike said...

It's never to late to change, I am struggling myself about my career change.

What i have to eliminate is age and time from my mind.

Nu Daze said...

It's my first visit here and you know what--I am going to think about these for a few days --Let it marinate-- a bit and them myself!

great blog.

Skoolboi Krush said...

Curvy - Thanks for the advice. I don't stress too much about it but it is always there in my head.

Mike - That age thing is really starting to affect me too.

Nu Daze - Welcome to the Playground! I want to hear your thoughts after it marinates.