TMI: Romance, Experimentation or Foreplay

1. When you sleep with someone, how much or how little contact do you like to have?
2. What do you think there is a appropriate amount of time for a divorce parent to date before introducing the kids to the "new" "special" person in their life?
3. Which ONE do you wish you had more of in bed... romance, experimentation or foreplay?
4. What do you thinks makes a kiss great?
5. Describe your sex life in two words.

Bonus (as in optional): Do you remember a time when you were having sex that you smile or even laugh about now? Do tell..


Anonymous said...

Oh boy this will be fun!

When I sleep with someone I prefer to have a lot of contact. Not a pretzel type deal but being held all night would work for me!

2. The appropriate amount of time for a divorce parent to date before introducing the kids to the "new" "special" person in their life would be whenever the child shows to be ready. I think a parent knows their childrens personalities well enough to know when they are ready? Basically I don't think it has anything to do with their age.

I prefer Romance over Experimentation and Foreplay

Soft lips, clean breath and just enough moisture makes for a great kiss!

My sex life in two words would be F#%king Horrible.

A time I remember that makes me laugh is when,

There was this guy I liked soo much when I was about 17 yrs old he was about twenty-one and he had girlfriend that was 42-yrs old at the time.

We really liked each other and I'm sure that lady was doing some things my little seventeen year old ass never heard of to him. I knew he wasn't going to leave her so I just thought hey let me get in where I fit in...

He would get her car ((to make sure she can't follow him in her car)) and meet me at his brother's apartment whenever he could sneak away from his girlfriend and her daughter that was the same age as he. We would hook up.

Anyway He hadn't been able to get away from her in a while. He ended up getting an eye laser surgery one night and was suppose to be staying at his parents. He asked me to come get him so we could head to the spot.

We got to the spot without a problem but can you imagine getting down with a guy over you with some big azz Ray Charles Sun Shades looking glasses? And this was at night. So yes..
(sorry for taking up so much space)


clnmike said...

1. A lot of contact

2. 6 months min.
3. Experimentation.
4. If she means it.
5. Business as usual.

Peyso said...

1) depends on how tired I am. if I'm real tired, no contact; moderately tired, I'm the big spoon
2) depends on how long the divorce takes and how kids but 6months sounds about right.
3) experimentation
4) just a hint of tongue, not too much spit, and no foul taste/smells
5) pretty good
bonus) yep, i was in weird sexual relationship with a girl. we stuck around school for the whole spring break and had sex every single day, all day long

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

1. We pretty much sleep on our own sides..but we always snuggle before we fall asleep and once we wake up...I do nudge him a few times HA! if he's snoring! LMAO!
2. It took me at least 2 years if not more after my divorce before I introduced my kids to anyone I was dating...
3. experimentation
4. big, full lips, not too sloppy wet
5. da bomb!!!
okay seriously...extremely satisfying
bonus: lots of smiles...

Skoolboi Krush said...

1. I like to start out with a bunch of contact but eventually I end up on my side and her on her side.

2. I would say when the relationship becomes exclusive and serious. The timeline is up to that person.

3. Experimentation

4. A great kiss isn't much different from a good kiss. What makes the difference is the emotion behind it. When you are trying let somebody know just how you feel.

5. Extra Prolific

Bonus: Yes! That's all you are getting on that one.

Skoolboi Krush said...

lyfe - let me find out that you were wrecking homes at a young age. lol

mike - if she means it, huh? you been messing with some playa chicks.

peyso - so you are the guy who got women thinking we are going to cuddle all night?

gg - you could have stopped at the first one. lol

My True Essence said...

1. I like to snuggle and have a lot of contact at first. However, sometime during the night, we part and go to our own side of the bed.
2. I think the appropriate amount of time will depend on the direction of the relationship with the new special friend. Are they going to be around for awhile? Is that marriage potential there? When you are comfortable and pretty sure about both, then it may be time to introduce them to the kids.
3. Experimentation
4. I think how you feel about the person you are kissing makes a kiss great.
5. It’s alright.

Bonus: Yes!! To juicy to tell!! LOL!!