TMI: Sex or Love?

1. Would you stay in a loveless relationship for the amazing sex?

2. If you could only have one, which would you choose: love that lasts forever or great, body numbing sex?

3. Looking back at your past loves, which one should you have married/taken back and who should you have tossed earlier than you did?

4. if you had one last fuck in you where, how and who would you “give it” to?

5. Which is more important sex, money, love and happiness? (and no, you can’t pick’em all)




Ok, I'll give a real answer. I've had great sex, but never an O yet, so my last fuc* would be with myself, on the beach in Negril, Jamaica, until I came... then I'd die happy... I kid I kid.... not really

Tiffany Nicole said...

Wouldn't stay just for the sex.
Gotta go for the love, it's a rare commodity.
The one I let get away has come back around... : )
One last..ummmm that' a hard one to answer..I would want it to be totally romance and loving.
Gotta say love is most important, love...not that you don't need the others though!!

Anonymous said...

You know I'm the queen of TMI, I didn't even read all the questions. I've already copied them and ready to paste my answers. LOL SAD

I would not stay in a loveless relationship for the amazing sex. You don't have to be in a relatioship for that.

2. I would choose love that last forever.

3. I should have never gotten married to anyone. And I have about 3-4 sex partners I could have went my entire life without ever knowing existed.

4. I would give it to the same person that's getting it now probably.

5. Dammit..isn't MONEY and HAPPINESS the same thing....LOL

Well that was fun!