NBA 09-10 Season Preview

It's my second favorite time of the sports year(the NCAA tournament is number one). At the beginning of a new season, almost every team has hopes of making the playoffs, old faces in new places, and rookies ready to prove themselves. Every new year also brings so many questions. This year those questions include how will the Laker's chemistry be affected by Ron Artest, will Allen Iverson really play an entire season in Memphis, why won't New Orleans get Chris Paul any help, and can Lebron really pull the anchor that is Shaq up and down the floor enough to win the East. Answers for these questions will only come as the season plays itself out. As usual, I'm hoping for the Hawks to have a big season and make that third spot in the East (wishful thinking). If they can learn to win a game on the road, they will be trouble.

Anyway, here are my predictions for this NBA season:

Rookie of The Year: Tyreke Evans - Sacramento Kings

Most Improved Player: Jeff Green - Oklahoma City Thunder

6th Man of The Year: Jamal Crawford - Atlanta Hawks

Defensive Player of The Year: Dwight Howard - Orlando Magic

Coach Of The Year: George Karl - Denver Nuggets

Most Valuable Player: Carmelo Anthony - Denver Nuggets

Eastern Conference Champs - Boston Celtics

Western Conference Champs - Denver Nuggets

World Champions - Boston Celtics

Give me your answers to these questions and who are you rolling with?

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