Things I Believe - The 2010 Edition

  1. The reason that side pieces do not know their role anymore is that reality television, YouTube and Twitter has made everyone believe that they are supposed to be stars.  Know your role people!
  2. "You ain't a pimp.  You're just a rest haven for hoes!" - Pretty Tony
  3. Everybody (including myself) waiting for Hip Hop to return to the the level of the golden era should give it up.  A genre that was built on being anti-establishment is not THE establishment.  
  4. Satellite and internet radio is much better than over the airwaves radio. Some of my favorites include The Foxxhole on XM, DTF Radio, and  Beehive FM.  There is better variety of music and uncensored conversation.  Check it out.
  5. Forget Jay-Z, Sade is the one who made the pact with the devil.  How else do you explain her going away for over a decade and coming back looking exactly the same?
  6. Packaging and presentation is everything.  You can make anything work if you present it in the right way and it looks like something everybody would want.
  7. What you do in the dark will always come to the light!
  8. No matter how many Super Bowls Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Brett Favre win, they will never be better than Joe Montana.
  9. People will always find fault with the things you do so live for you and make yourself happy.
  10. With all these natural  and man-made disasters that are happening lately, it's even more evident that it is time to get right with God now.

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Tiffany Nicole said...

Good food for action and thought! Still digesting it all!