Passing Notes: Disconnected

Last Friday, I lost my blackberry and have been without a cell phone for this entire weekend.  At first, I was panicking and worrying about all of the things I would miss without my phone.  However, as the weekend has played itself out, I am enjoying this break from my electronic leash.  It has given me some time to think without someone else’s thoughts penetrating my mind.  Although my phone was a useful tool for organizing my life, at times it became a crutch that I depended on too much.  I can probably tell you about three numbers from my contact list by heart.  I’m not the only one like that though.  One of my co-workers has two personal phones and one for the job.  Another friend routinely falls asleep with the phone in her hands and has to search through the sheets in the morning for it. It is not unusual to see people on their phones in church, during meetings, while driving and even know someone who talks on the phone in the shower.  This hiatus has given me some time to step back enjoy my own thoughts for a change.  Introspection was never my strong suit but I’ve been plotting and planning this weekend.  Maybe I’ll have some intentional cell phone vacations in the future. 
P.S. I’m getting my replacement blackberry tomorrow. I can’t wait.


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Funny how you don't realize how much these gadgets consume your life until they're missing.

Skoolboi Krush said...

@CurvyGurl That is true. I have to admit though I knew that I was addicted to my crackberry.