Passing Notes

Happy Monday! Yeah, that's right. I'm back in this piece and feeling blessed to be here. I hope everybody had a good weekend. Let's do a little review of the week since we last saw each other.

What's the deal with your boy, Isiah Washington? Brother, let it go! You can't win! I really hope he doesn't lose his job (looks like a done deal though) but just in case he does I'm sending Shonda Rhimes a headshot and an audition tape. Hook a brother up, sister!

Congrats to Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy and the entire Dreamgirls cast for winning the Golden Globe awards. I'm really happy for Jennifer because I hate American Idol and love to see them proven wrong.

I finally saw Blood Diamond this weekend. Great movie! It's a shame that important world issues like this don't get spotlighted when they are happening. Leo and Djiman both are very deserving of their award nominations. Before this year, I was not a fan of Leo but after seeing this and The Departed....he aight!

Back to Grey's Anatomy....I called it that Addison and Alex would be getting busy before the season was over. They work too close to just be buddies. I must admit that I like Alex with Izzie instead. Even though George has been going through some stuff, somebody has got to slap this dude back into his place. He is just wildin' on everybody. What is that mess that Christina said, "Welcome to the club!" Huh? Is that the best she can do?

NFL Playoffs:
I'm happy for the Colts and Bears and proud that Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith will be the first blacks to coach in the big game. However, I don't need two weeks of talk about how significant this is and how we've finally overcome. When we have some black owners, talk to me! It's a damn shame that we still are talking about firsts in 2007. Let's not let tokenism take the place of racism.

I'm also happy that we won't have to hear those Tom Brady/Joe Montana comparisions. Tom Brady is a beast but he'll never be Joe Montana to me. He does get cool points for dating Giselle though.

I can't wait to see those shots of Walter Payton with his curl busting a rhyme for the Super Bowl Shuffle.


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"Let's not let tokenism take the place of racism."

You better preach brother!!!