Intro - Things I Believe!

What's up, y'all! My name is Skoolboi Krush and I've decided to carve out my own piece of the blogisphere. It was not an easy decision to put myself out there like that but what the hell, right? No Risk...No Reward! My first decision was how to start this thing off. I didn't want to just give you a paragraph about me. You don't roll up on someone at run down your life story, right? So, the best way i could figure out to let you know something about me and how I think was this list of things I believe.

  • I believe that Kelly and not Beyonce is the hottest former member of Destiny's Child
  • I believe that Rakim not Jay Z, Tupac, Biggie and sure as hell not Lil' Wayne is the greatest rapper of all time
  • I believe Whitney Houston brought down Bobby Brown and not the other way around
  • I believe that the NFL is America's pastime and not baseball
  • I believe that old school slang like Fresh, Dope and Def will always be better than the latest slang of the minute ("Kill Yourself" - What the hell?)
  • I believe that nobody will ever be as hot as Michael Jackson was in his prime
  • I believe that Don Cheadle is the best actor in Hollywood
  • I believe that Kobe Byrant is misunderstood
  • I believe that current radio is more detrimental to the youth than drugs, poverty or lack of heath care
  • I believe that William Rhoden, author of Forty Million Dollar Slaves, is a prophet and should be treated as such
  • I believe that Brittany Spears will get in great shape for her comeback only to flop and end up buck-ass naked in Playboy
  • I believe that somewhere along the way mothers stopped teaching their daughters the proper undergarments to wear with each outfit.......and how to walk in heels.
  • I believe that even though it was meant to be funny, Katt Williams was talking some real shit in that HBO special.
  • I believe that Barack Obama is being set up for a big fall...Watch out Brother!!
  • I believe Kellog's Corn Pops are the world's greatest breakfast cereal
Just a few items to get us started.


Butta said...

I believe that this is going to be the bomb blog. ;)

Welcome to the block, homie.

UAintNevaLied said...

since mz. butta promo'ed us together, i thought i'd check you out. FUNNY LIST, MAN! Very thoughtful. I'm looking forward to more.
I'm with you on many of them but on a few of the most important points, i must disagree:
*krs-one, greatest male rapper.
*lauren hill, greatest female rapper.
*kap'n crunch, greatest cereal.

whitney brought bobby down... LOL!

Anonymous said...

Love your list...lol