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Hello family! Today’s post is inspired by the recent passing of my maternal grandmother and the legacy that she left for my family and the many people she touched. At her funeral, the preacher reminded us that this is a home going celebration because grandmama’s mission was accomplished on this earth. That mission being to be a wife, mother and community leader. In her 83 years on this earth, she touched the lives of so many people with a kind word of encouragement, some motherly advice, or a stern warning that “you better do right!” After hearing all the testimonials about her benevolence, it made me think of how selfish I have been. Would all these folks show up for my funeral? How have I affected the lives of others? Have I been the best brother, son, boyfriend, co-worker or friend that I can be? Sure, I’ve given some clothes to Goodwill and occasionally volunteered through a local non-profit organization but that doesn’t compare to the personal one–on-one things that my grandmother did. The odd thing is that I’ve always believed that it is relationships that make life meaningful. However, I have not done everything to cultivate positive and meaningful relationships in my life. It’s sad that it takes a tragic event like the death of a loved one to inspire change but there is nothing wrong with a reminder of how short life is and what it is really about. I’m not going to preach that we all should tell our family and friends how important they are to us or use one of my grandmother’s favorite lines (“Give me my roses while I’m still alive!”). I just want y’all to think about it.

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When a Life ends it is a time for those of us “left behind” to ponder and reevaluate our own Life. By doing so, we are truly honoring and respecting the Life that is no longer with us in the form of our Loved One and preparing to leave a treasure for those left behind when our own Life ends on this side of Heaven. Thank You Friend for gently reminding us that this is a key to Life and living. The gentle nudge to stop and to dust ourselves off from this point as we move forward along our journey until our work is done. You truly honored your Grandmother and you did stop and smell the roses! Blessings, Char