Passing Notes - 09/20/07 - Dear Summer

September 19, 2007

What’s good! It is that time of year for leaves to change and folks to start coupling up. Football season is in full swing and basketball is just around the corner. How was your summer? Mine was eventful. I had a relationship end, was homeless, and rediscovered and old friend. Life is funny.


Can someone please explain to me why Usher married a 37 year-old divorcee with three kids and shoulders like Earl Campbell? Especially, when his momma is reportedly not too happy about her new daughter-in-law? He may be madly in love with her heart and personality or as my girl, Butta says, she might have an extreme thrust game. Even if those things are true, you are USHER, dude! Wake up! You can do better! I still wish the brother good luck though. As my grandma would say, “they have an understanding that only they understand!”

Dayum, Portland!...Granddaddy Greg Oden is already out for the season… I am not going to say your franchise is cursed ….but you might want to think about planting somebody’s drawers in the yard. LOL

O.J. Simpson

Let me start by saying that I have always believed that dude was guilty of killing his ex-wife and the waiter. I did not know if he actually did it himself or not but I was always positive that he financed it and orchestrated the entire thing. This fool has opened his mouth and removed all doubt though. Yeah…Yeah! I hear y’all conspiracy theorists saying that he was setup. That may be true but you have to admit that the way him and his posse rolled up in that casino to collect his goods, he told on himself. I just that the coverage of this issue does not take away from more serious and important topics.

Jena 6

Speaking of more serious issues, I hope that you all are paying attention to this case. It is wild that we are still living in Jim Crow America where there are a different set of rules and laws for whites and minorities. I hope that issues like this, Sean Bell in NY and the torture of this black woman in West Virginia will ignite more activism amongst the youth in America to seize the time and make things happen. Remember that when Martin Luther King, Jr. was leading marches in Selma, Washington, DC, and Chicago, he was a very young man. I know there are plenty of young people out there doing things to better life in their neighborhoods but we need the masses to understand that activism is one of the best ways to create the type of change we need.

Am I the only one who is glad that Kanye beat the breaks off Curtis in record sales? …Flashing Lights is my song right now.

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