Bad Date Karma

What’s good! How was your weekend? If you are like me, you were having some serious football withdrawal symptoms. Never thought I would miss it that much until Sunday afternoon came around and I was searching for something worthwhile on television. I did catch some good college basketball though. Can’t wait for March Madness. I’m still thinking that UCLA is going to take the chip. Pac-10 all the way! Can somebody tell me what Ruby Dee did in American Gangster to merit a SAG award and an Academy nomination? Does she have scenes that weren’t on my bootleg copy of the movie? Don’t get me wrong, I love Ruby Dee but isn’t she playing the same character from Jungle Fever? I’ve been a supporter of Barack Obama since he officially announced that he was running for President. In the last few weeks, he has solidified my decision to support his candidacy. The Clintons, however, have really showed their true colors. I never really understood the love that some black people have for them anyway. Matter of fact, I got into a heated discussion about who to support with a female friend of mine. Her reasoning was that she prospered when Bill Clinton was President and thinks it will be the same under Hillary. Flawed logic, right? My lasting images of Bill Clinton’s presidency were his fronting on Lani Guinier and the fake crying at Ron Brown’s funeral.

My weekend did consist of a little bit more than channel surfing and sugar cookies though. On Friday night, I went out with a couple of co-workers to celebrate a birthday. Nothing special, just some drinks at your neighborhood Friday’s. Why do black folks love Friday’s so much? I think it has to do with the Jack Daniel’s sauce that they put on everything. Anyway, back to Friday night. While I’m chillin’ at the bar with my folks, I see a chick on the other side of the bar giving me a serious mean mug. I mean this sister is looking at me as if I pushed her in the pool at one of those pool parties that black folks have where nobody actually swims. It took me a few minutes before I realized who she was and that’s when I started to panic. Let me explain.

A few months ago, I got a random message on my Myspace page from said female. She was commenting on the song I had playing on my page and wanted to complement me on my good taste in music. We had a brief conversation that day and chatted a couple of times afterwards. Well, about a week ago she sends me a message saying that her birthday was coming up and she wondered if I would like to meet her for a drink. I’m always down for some libations so I said lets meet on Thursday after work. She agreed. Well, I had a hectic week at work and when the day we are supposed to meet comes around I completely forgot about it and went directly home at 5:00. I got a nasty message that night expressing how janky I am and that she isn’t used to being treated so shabbily. Fast forward to Friday night!

So here I am sitting directly across from this chick that I’ve accidentally stood up the night before. What do I do? She obviously recognizes me. Why else would she be giving me the side eye? So, I muster up my courage and walk around the bar to say hello and once again apologize (I sent her a genuine apology that night) for the night before.

Me: Hi, How are you doing?
Her: Hello
Me: You know who I am right?
Her: Yeah
Me: I wanted to come over and apologize again for last night. I’m so sorry but like I explained to you I was extremely tired and the only thing on my mind was getting to bed.
Her: So you really are 6’3”.
Me: Yeah
Her: If you weren’t so tall, I wouldn’t even think about forgiving you.
Me: (Laughter)
Her: I guess I’ll let you make it up to me but you better not mess up again.
Me: That’s a bet. Let me get your number so I can call you and make arrangements this time.

She proceeds to give me her number and I rejoin my party across the bar. Later that night, I get a text from her saying:

Don’t think because you are tall that you can get away with acting like that!



Eb the Celeb said...

OK... so what happened saturday night... you know I already heard this part of the story... did you go out to dinner sat... what happened... you know I'm nosey... up here prolonging the post...LOL

i think they are nominating Ruby Dee because she has just been around so long and never got nominated for roles she should have

and if I didnt have that radio show to vent about football on sunday... I think I would have died too... I'm looking forward to AFL this year though... I know a couple players on a couple different teams... so only 2 weeks with no football and I will be addicted to AFL for a couple more months... I cant wait!

Vivrant Thang said...

See that's why I love music. Isn't there always a song that expresses exactly what you're going through?

Like 911, the Academy Awards are a joke.

Anywho, I thought I was the only one who felt lost on Sunday. I'm not into college ball so much so I guess I'll turn my attention to the NBA although I'm setting myself up because it seems my team's season is basically done already. Thank God for The Wire.

I won't even get into politics here. I'll be writing something about that shortly. Feel free to comment.

And um...maybe I'm slow, but am I missing something? Yea, tall is good, especially for a tall sista like me. But da hell does that have to do with the price of rice in China? I read this story twice and I still didn't get it. Sounds stupid as hell. You should have just stepped away from the crazy. She must have had a good future behind her.

dejanae said...

wat vivrant said
whatnahell does ur height have to do wit anything?
and ur 6'5"? since when?

dejanae said...

i meant 6'3"
ugh i cant think on an empty stomache

and Ruby Dee got it cuz they wanted to give the old bag something b4 she up and died onem

Skoolboi Krush said...

Eb - We've got an AFL team but I've never checked out a game. I might have to do that this season. I understand wanting to honor a vet but they could have given her a lifetime achievement award. That chick from Michael Clayton put it down and now somebody else is walking around with award.

Damn, be patient!

Vivrant - Other than the Hawks, I usually don't watch much NBA until after the All-Star break when they really start playing. You and I have already talked on The Wire. At this point, I look forward to Mondays more than Sundays.

Dejanae - You wrong for "old bag"! LOL

MsPuddin said...

aww suki suki now, get em! lol you must be cute, because she gave in too easy...

who is ruby dee any way??

Opinionated Diva said...

Puddin I can't believe you just asked that! LOL!!! You kiddin right?

I wondered she'd done that was so great in the movie as well. She might have deserved this nod in earlier roles, but not for this one. Congrats to her though.

Your lady friend sounds loco. I like 'em tall too, but I'm not obsessive about height...she sounds weirdly obsessive about it. Plus she's sitting there meanmugging over a small mix-up. lol...she sounds like the poke a hole in the condom type - so she can have her some tall babies lol!

Still_Pocahontaz said...

Ruby Dee did in American Gangster to merit a SAG award and an Academy nomination?

LOL, its just one of those things, honor her while she yet lives. I don’t think her job was so well done either but she is one of the last few black and strong images that we have in our lives that is of her age. Plus wasn’t Denzel on the voting board or something like that.

Cool blog, I stumbled across your hee larity when I was at Ms Puddin’s blog ABOUT THE PIRATE COMMENT....too funny!!!!