Update: That Funky Feeling

They say if you speak on something you can bring it into reality. Well, my post about my dysfunctional FWB relationship has definitely done that. While I appreciate the great advice that was given, my decision to walk away was solidified by a conversation that I had with my FWB at about three o'clock this morning. We had gotten together last night to do that thing that we do. As I was getting ready to leave, she says to me that she has something to tell me and she hopes that it won't change our relationship. You know a brother's mind started racing, "Is she going to tell me that she has some STD?...Nah, she wouldn't do that. This is Atlanta though. I should have asked to see some baby pictures." I put my bag down and brace myself for something awful. She proceeds to tell me that she has been dating a guy all along and that a couple of weeks ago they decided to become "exclusive". Oh, I also heard her say that she still wanted us to get together from time to time...WHAT???

A few questions came to mind immediately:

1. If you have a boyfriend, why have you been acting so jealous about who I spend my time with?
2. What makes you think that I would knowingly sleep with somebody's woman?
3. Where is this dude right now and should I make a quick sprint to my car to avoid the gunfire?

The only response I could muster to this Easter speech was, "I guess this is goodbye then because I don't want that kind of karma." She said she understood but has since sent me a couple of texts saying that we need to get together to talk. At this point, I haven't responded.

Well, I guess I'm back to some lotion, a glass of Hennessey, and Jake Steed's Hoes & Flows #24.


Butta said...


Calling you RIGHT now!

Vivrant Thang said...

Da hell?! When I'm down in the ATL (hopefully this summer), I must take you out for some Goose...straight up.

I am sorry you keep running into these fools who give us sane sistas a bad name! I give the Easter Sunday School speech (LOL!) when I ask a potential whether he has ANYBODY who may think they are the only one. I don't want nobody running up on me and I don't want want that kind of karma.

As B Scott would say, she was a scandalous gutterbutt trollop and you're better off without her.

Eb the Celeb said...

She probably likes you and was settling for the other dude. Or there probably is no other dude, yes we women play mind games so she probably just wanted to see how you would react to the situation. Especially since she keeps trying to contact you.

I'm mad at what your resulting to though... hoes and flows...LOL

Skoolboi Krush said...

Butta - You already know how I feel about this mess.

Vivrant - I will definitely take you up on that Goose. I'm not upset at all that she has somebody else. It's just the way she handled it that pissed me off. My dating life is straight comedy right now.

Eb - As a matter of fact, one of her texts said that she really wanted more than just a sex thing but was keeping her feelings in check because that's all that I wanted. It doesn't matter now though.

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

wow!!! *blank stare*...well at least she told you...your radar was up anyways that she was egg-stra special...pun intended ;P

Muze said...

wow. women do have a real messed up way of handling most things.

cracking up at your hoes & flows #24. what's wrong with 1-23? or have you exhausted those? lol.

off topic, there are a lot of bloggers in atl. man i miss the A.

Skoolboi Krush said...

GG - Yeah, I can't say that it was that big of a surprise.

Muze - Welcome! I'm not going to generalize and say that women handle stuff poorly because I know plenty of brothers (myself included) who have messed things up.

BTW, Hoes & Flows #24 is my favorite in the serious because its an all-star tribute to the first 23.

dejanae said...

Well, I guess I'm back to some lotion, a glass of Hennessey, and Jake Steed's Hoes & Flows #24.
felt compelled to add that right?

ole girl is just....smh
a damn shame

soumynona said...

SKB you are hilarious. School me on that Hoes and Flows bc I haven't heard about it yet...
As for the girl, shhhh, what can I say, women (throw up both my hands)