5 Ways to Meet the Love of Your Life

1. Strike up conversations with 10 strangers a day – You’ll build up an immunity to rejection, and you’ll practice icebreakers and quick responses. So when a woman comes into range, muscle memory will kick in.
2. Carry a neighbor’s bags – One truism: Women have friends. A Second truism: Women want to fix people up. Show that you’re a good guy, and you’ll start collecting numbers.
3. Pretend you’ve already been introduced – Your mindset will shift from hunting to having a casual conversation, and, most important, she won’t see you as yet another guy hitting on her.
4. Leave the office – On nice days, women eat lunch outside. Remember to turn off the phone and ditch the shades.
5. Don’t interrogate – She doesn’t know you, so questions are intrusive and make her feel like she’s being evaluated You want to engage rather than gather information, so share first – “I’m the youngest of three, how about you?” – and she’ll respond comfortably.

This is a piece of advice I read in a men’s magazine the other day. Seems like common sense but I’m going to try to do some of those things and see if I have any better results than I’ve been having.

Ladies, does this sound good? Fellas, what works for you?


Vivrant Thang said...

I only like 2,4,and 5. 4 is a good one in particular. However, just get out more in general. You like books - browse in bookstores and strike up conversations about the book a cutie might be checking out. You love music - attend more shows. Plenty of opportunities to meet people and strike up conversations about the music. Never know where it could go.

In my last serious relationship, we met when he came up to the bar area (where I was standing alone) and asked me a simple question about the event that was going on. The conversation flowed from there. I like that approach. Just start talking to me. No corny lines or pretending you already know me. Hated it! No interrogation about topics too personal. Keep it genuine and general. If it's meant to be, it will be.

Opinionated Diva said...

I like #5. I hate when guys starting asking stupid questions like...where's your man? he lets you out of his site? blah blah blah CHILL!

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

i don't come in contact with 5 fine black strangers that I'd like to meet in one day..let alone 10...

Skoolboi Krush said...

Vivrant - You are right. I've been pretty much in the house lately. I need to get out and meet and greet.

Diva - Damn, I've used that one before!

GG - They don't all have to be fine. Its about getting used to approaching people. Stop being so picky!

Eb the Celeb said...

#1 is scary... and a little needy and desperate...

#3 is just plain retarded and lame... I never go for that "dont I know you from somewhere line" it gets absolutely no love

all the others I can did!

*Coop* said...

These are pretty cool ways to meet people. They all seem to revolve around not being a hermit. Gotta expose yourself to be exposed, right?