"Life is simply time given to man to learn how to live. Mistakes are always part of learning. The real dignity of life consists in cultivating a fine attitude towards our own mistakes and those of others. It is the fine tolerance of a fine soul. Man becomes great, not through never making mistakes, but by profiting by those he does make; by being satisfied with a single rendition of a mistake, not encoring it into a continuous performance; by getting from it the honey of new, regenerating inspiration with no irritating sting of morbid regret; by building better to-day because of his poor yesterday; and by rising with renewed strength, finer purpose and freshened courage every time he falls." - William Jordan

I don't consider myself an old man but I've accumulated a long list of regrets in my life. At one point, the list was so long that I made a conscious decision to change my outlook on life. I pledged to try all the things that I had secretly been longing to do and to say all the things that I had been biting my tongue about. Wanted to live life with a boyish exuberance. That was the inspiration for the name Skoolboi Krush. Nothing to me is a strong and as sure of itself as a young man's love. Unfortunately, I'm not a young man and sometimes my mind is filled with doubts. Letting those doubts determine the decisions that I make has caused me to make more than one mistake. As the author states, a man grows from learning from his mistakes and not making them into a pattern. Today I pledge to renew my inspiration to live life to the fullest and enjoy the moments. I got things to do. No time for regrets or people who wallow in them.


Vivrant said...

I always wondered what the inspiration behind the name was. Like the thought behind that.

This speaks to an upcoming post inspired by my goal setting meeting the other day. Not a person that has a lot of regrets because while I'm not religious, I do believe there is a plan for my life ordered by Him. So everything that has happened to me is part of that plan. Good and horrible.

I would say the only minor regret I have is career-related. Wishing I'd followed my passion and what I was put here to do as I was fortunate to discover what that is early in life. Even with that though, I still feel like I am where I am for a reason that will be revealed to me when the time is right.

In any event, good outlook. 2008 is all about having things to do!

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

the great thing about mistakes are that they are in the past...we should own up to them, forgive yourself, or ask for forgiveness if it involved another party, hopefully learn from them and then ultimately move on....I'm excited to let the past go I know its hard to do...but I don't want to miss out on what good things are ahead of me because of fear, regrets or mistakes I've made...I hope you will do the same! You deserve the best..don't let anything stand in the way!