I Love Your Girl

This weekend CL and I went out to get our party on at a monthly event for grown (some sexy….most not) folks. The type of event that brings out all of the men (me included) who are too old to be in the club and packs of women who want to shake their asses without having to fight off a stalker throughout the night. One of the first things we notice is that there seems to be a bunch of hard legs at this function. That is an unusual occurrence in Atlanta unless you accidentally wonder into one of the many gay clubs in the city. This is a city whose reputation is for women outnumbering men 12 to 1, At this point in the evening, it appears the hot women of Atlanta were getting crunk at some other function. So here, I am in a den of hungry wolves with a sexy lady on my arm. It was just a matter of time before one of them tried to make a move. This is why I always had a rule about not taking your girl to the club. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in handcuffing women when we go out. It’s not necessary that we are all up under each other for the entire night. My daddy once told me that nothing is as lame as standing outside the ladies room waiting for your woman.

We got there on the early side so we decide to grab some seats, some drinks and just chill until the crowd arrives. We had already enjoyed a couple hurricanes before we left home so both of us were feeling good. But it’s a party, right? So I step away to grab a couple overpriced drinks from the bar, crown & coke (me) and vodka & cranberry (her). I couldn't have been more than three steps away from CL when I spot in my peripheral vision a brother making a bee line to where she is sitting. I’m thinking to myself, “I know this fool isn’t about to holla at my girl who he clearly saw was with me!” I don’t trip though. Proceed to the bar to get our drinks but I did keep my eye on the exchange that ensued. They were out of earshot but I saw him step to CL and deliver his corny ass line. She quickly shut him down. He did the walk of shame back across the room to find somebody else’s woman to approach. CL flashed me a smile if to say, “Can you believe this guy?” The sad part is that this wasn’t the first time something like that happened over the weekend. The night before, CL and I went out for dinner at a neighborhood restaurant. Had a guy turn completely around from the bar and stare at my girl. A less secure man would have been ready to fight. I was calm because CL had just slipped me the black lace panties she removed while in the restroom. I had other priorities for the evening.

Some people might consider this behavior a compliment to the attractiveness of their mate. I’m not one of those people. It’s just plain disrespectful to me. It seems like a man isn’t immune from this type of disrespect no matter where he takes his woman. It doesn’t really come as a surprise. If you listen to popular music, there is the repeated theme of I’ll take your woman or your man. When did we just completely lose respect for couples? Was it too much Maury Povich or Divorce Court?

Has someone every approached your man/woman when you were out in public?

How did you handle the situation?

Have you ever stepped to or flirted with someone knowing they were with someone?

What was the result?


SimplyComplex said...

Your view of this is much like that of the last guy I dated. He did not take it as a compliment when other men attempted to talk to me when it was obvious that they'd seem him enter the building with me. He would get very disgusted by it. Some men just could care less who a woman's with...

Smuckers said...

Wow!!! It's amazing to me how BLATANTLY disrespectful some people can be.

Reading this reminded me of a time, not too long ago, when I was deeply engaged in a conversation with a brother at a bar. .....and out of my peripheral vision I could see this JERK sitting behind him trying to make eye contact with me....mouthing words...I thought....."what an a$$hole"....I didn't say anything...just ignored his stupid a$$...

...And on another occasion, I'm out with this FINE brother...and females are passing by...grinning all up in his face....so I just politely leaned over and kissed him.......those grins disappeared quickly....LOL

....This is yet another reason why I don't like hanging out in the ATL....


Opinionated Diva said...

LOL...at dude doing the walk of shame. Obviously he didn't care that she was with you.

I always say a lot of people get more attention, when they're with the mate then when they aren't. I can only guess that folks want what they know is already taken...forbidden fruit.

This is exactly why I NEVER go to the club with my man. I just don't do it. People are disrespectful and I've seen guys get into it over nothing. It can really sour a night if it happens repeatedly.

Being that the women outnumbered the men...I'm more surprised that she didn't have to fend off the ladies going after you!


soumynona said...

That is too funny! I tend to THINK of it as a compliment but I act like I'm being disrespected to ward away any slimeballs. Its like that when you are outnumbered (more guys than girls).

Skoolboi Krush said...

simplycomplex - As my granny would say, "I guess that's the way they were raised!"

smuckers - How did they guy react to your kiss? Did he know why you did it? I don't think this is just an Atlanta issue though. Fools acting up all over the place.

ODiva - I agree with you on the forbidden fruit theory but isn't there a better way to handle it than disrespecting people. The guy at the restaurant was also checking out the woman at the table next to ours. Her man got upset which caused an argument between them. I guess she was flattered by the attention and her dude was not happy.

Thanks! I am not a big picture taker so I was nervous about posting it.

soumy - Yeah, I guess its just like that sometimes. It does make me feel good to know that dudes are jealous. Just keep it movin' and we'll be fine.

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

i read this earlier and i'm still laughing at "bunch of hard legs"...FUNNNNNEEEEEE...anyways..
dude was mad disrespectful..glad you maintained your class and didn't confront him...he seemed to definitely be a loser..I actually prefer going with my man maybe once in a blue moon otherwise you won't find me in a club..I prefer a more intimate setting with my hunnybunches!

Vivrant Thang said...

You think slipping my dude one of my big girl "Hanes Her Way" 3-in-a-pack bloomers would have the same effect as the black lace panties?

I'm just sayin.

Skoolboi Krush said...

GG - hunnybunches, huh? I'm sure your man doesn't want the world to know you refer to him as that. LOL

vivrant - It isn't about the drawers, it's about the promise of what's to come. If he knows you got good potato salad, it will have the same effect.

Nobelle said...

This dude (and those like him) are beyond wack!

I don't recall ever having a man approach me at a time when I was clearly there with someone else.

But just recently, an old friend of mine (who has a girlfriend) sent me a sexy text message. Sure, I could have played along, but instead I lost a WHOLE lotta respect for him in that moment, because I immediately started to feel for his girl. How would she feel if she knew her man was flirting with some other woman? Hmph.

Eh, I feel you, Krush.

dejanae said...

yep some folk just dont give a damn
is potato salad the new word for good pussy?

Anonymous said...

Good potato salad...now, that's a new one for me. Gonna have to add that to the arsenal.

After reading this, folks better not wonder why the divorce rate in this country is at 50%. Folks don't respect a relationship. Period. And secondly, they being a hater.

Cuz honestly, if s/he is willing to holla at you while being out with their SO, what makes you think s/he won't pull the same sh!t on you if you're lucky enough to snag 'em? Drugs!

Skoolboi Krush said...

nobelle - Be honest, you responded to the text message, right?...Just Kidding.

dejanae - Potato salad has been my word for about the last five years.

ieisha - Why don't you think folks respect relationships anymore? I remember a time when you would ask a woman if she had a man and if she answered yes then you would just step off.

Eb the Celeb said...

Um... panties slipped to you under the table... Ok-k-k...

But yeah... I have had someone holla at me when I was out with the dude... and I am a huge flirt... men who date me know it... so most arent pressed... and actually happy that other men want what they have... they know it aint gon go nowhere outside of flirting... then I my man on the dancefloor and backed it up on him so hard that the other nig wish he was my man... makes the man feel good that everyone in there is watching...lol