Top Five Tuesday: Addictions

Lately, I've been trying to let go and let my instincts take over. I've found myself drawn to things that I've always loved, never liked, and didn't even notice before. Like Kanye said, "Why is that everything that supposed to be bad, makes you feel so good?"

1. Pretty toes in open toe heels like

2. Reading sex blogs like this

3. Mixing Absoulute Pears with Cranberry, Orange and a shot of lime juice

4. Watching reruns of Day Break on TV One

5. Doing this

Kanye West's Addiction


The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

1) I am addicted to shows like CSI and Cold Case(crime dramas). It's really bad when I'm alone in the house scaring myself with thoughts that could be me like that but, can't turn the station.

2) I will pretty much stare and blush at dark men. Loves them.

3) I drink vitamin water like they plan on taking it off the market tomorrow.

P.s. I have had men run up to me (and a few teenage boys) to tell me I have pretty feet or my feet look good in my shoes.
I always found it strange that someone would walk up to a stranger and say that.

Skoolboi Krush said...

Sharon - (1)I like those shows too but you should really check out First 48. Real-life murder mysteries. (2)Let me find out that you are getting all girly over some dude cause of his skin tone. LOL (3)I'm sure 50 Cent appreciates your patronage.

I don't run up on women and compliment their feet but I do stare and lick my lips. LOL

MsMarvalus said...

I happen to have an addiction to tall men with pretty legs...that's why I love summer...and basketball (that's also why I married my ex-husband; he ran track—Lord have mercy)...

I also happen to love deep voices and men that insist on talking sexy on the phone...if you can sweet talk me on the phone, you can pretty much talk me into anything...

I'm a shoe whore and wear them well...I'm a pedicure fiend and take pride in the toesies...I once dated a man that had a foot thing and I guess I've just carried that forward...

I'm addicted to Miami Animal Police...some of the shit they show is totally creepy, but it's kinda addictive.

I think I've said before about my addiction to Cherry Coke Zero...I'm trying to stop, but it keeps calling me...

Anonymous said...

1.)I ♥ summer simply for the open toe shoe styles. Pedicures are a girls best friend.

2.)I guess I slept on this blog… I have read “confessions of a college call girl” though… that was pretty interesting.

3.)That sounds yummy… I don’t like alcohol though.

4.)I just DVR’s like 10 episodes of this show, that was on TV One this weekend! I had no idea about it! My dude Taye is the star so I know its hot. Can’t wait to watch them!

5.)That’s some pretty hot writing there… do you give lessons? I know a guy who’s interested and needs some pointers. LOL.

Eb the Celeb said...

Might have to try that absolut pears concoction

Skoolboi Krush said...

Marvalus - So you are a sucker for phone bonin', huh? What did you say your number was? LOL

Gotta - Welcome to The Playground. Hope to hear more from you. (1) So are you enticing men with your toe game? (2) I'll have to check that one out. (3) What? A non-drinker. I don't know how I would get through some days with a glass of something when I got home. (4) I was a fan of the show when it originally aired but still don't think I've seen every episode. (5)Sorry, I can't give lessons. You will have to teach ole boy what you want.

Eb - You need to try it. It's delicious.

Vivrant Thang said...

*writing down those drink ingredients*

Not that I need to be. I'm just getting over a three-day hangover.