Passing Notes

Why Did You Ask Me?

I knew that I was making a mistake when a hit the send button on my email. That morning I was busy trying to meet yet another deadline at work and wondering what I was going to eat to make those hunger pains go away. My mind was too preoccupied to see the quicksand that was laid out in front of me. The Cookie Lady and I were having our usual workday email exchange where we ask a series of questions that reveal insight about ourselves. The first couple of questions seemed innocent enough. What do you think is my best physical feature? Which feature did you notice first when you say me initially? Those are two slow fastballs right over the middle of the plate. It was that next one that almost put me out of the game for good. She asked if there was anything I would change about her physically, what would it be? I can hear the fellas saying, “Damn, you didn’t fall for that one!” Well, you see what had happened was… CL and I have a saying that we are going to keep it “gutta” with each other and tell the buck-naked truth. Therefore, I told her that I wished her butt was bigger. Why did I do that? I spent the next two days trying to convince her that I found her attractive and that I was not going to leave her for the next big booty chick who sashayed in my direction. Never mind, that I cannot keep my hands, lips, tongue, teeth or dick off that sweet ass of hers. Her body is so sexy. I did not realize what I thought was a playful answer to the question would almost end all the bliss that we had enjoyed.

Guess I have to learn when to shut my mouth or tell one of those little white lies when a woman asks a question like that one.

Why are you here?

A couple weekends ago, I saw Iron Man. It was not on my must-see list but the Cookie Lady wanted to see it and there were not any other movies that caught my attention. I had heard a bunch of people say how good the movie was but I never trust other people’s opinions when it comes to movies. I have my own tastes; very rarely does that match what someone else thinks about a movie. This was the exception to the rule. I really enjoyed the movie. One of the major themes of the movie was finding your purpose in life. That has been in my head every since the credits rolled at the theatre. Still do not know what I am here to accomplish. Until I have that moment of clarity that puts everything into perspective, I am just going to live my life to the fullest. Lately, the theme has been pleasure. Doing what brings me pleasure and giving pleasure to the ones I care about. True, this is not any spiritual or metaphysical awakening but I do think it will help me to be ready and open for whatever comes my way.


Vivrant Thang said...

LMAO! Now Krush, you should know better. We can't handle the truth with ish like that. So yea I would have given you the side-eye too. The answer always is "You're perfect from head to toe, baby." We know you're lying but that's what you got to say.

I remember one of my exes cosigning that my boobies were....no longer at attention. Took him a minute to see those things again!

Eb the Celeb said...

Me and CL are going to bring lil booties back in ...lol!

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

wow! how did I miss this...honesty is always the best policy but in this case you could've sugarcoated the truf just a lil...like..."baby, your ass is perfect for me" HA!

Skoolboi Krush said...

vivrant - I know. I will be sticking to the script from now on.

eb - She appreciates your support and will gladly take credit for it.

gg - yeah..yeah..i know.