TMI: Wild Enough For You?

1. Ever been stalked an ex? Stalked an ex? Or stalked 'a you'd like to be'?

Yes, I've had an ex who cyber stalked me. I also had a fatal attraction who tried to stab me.

2. How often do you reach orgasm during sex? Has that historically been true?

1 or 2 times depending on how horny I am. Yes, that has been the average.

3. Teeth when used during oral stimulation, good or bad?

It can be both good and bad if the person knows what they are doing. Nothing wrong with a little pain.

4. How many times is the most you have ever had sex in a 24 hour period? How many different sexual partners have you had in a 24 hour period?

The most I can remember is four but I think I did more back during one of those old Freakniks. Never had more than one partner in a 24 hour period.

5. Would you rather run naked through a crowded place or have someone email your deepest secret too all your friends?

I'll take the naked jog.

Bonus: Have you ever kissed your partner on the lips after oral sex without brushing teeth, nor washing/gargling/rinsing out mouth? Turn on or off?

Yes, all the time. That's why you should be clean for yourself and not for your partner.


clnmike said...

1- yeah had my car messed up by one too.

2- 99%

3- Never a good thing on my joint.

4- 3 and 2

5- E-mail

Bonus: Yup I make it a mandatory action. But I will not accept payback, lol

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

These are some questions.
1. nope to all

2. Don't understand the second part of the question.

3. Please don't bite me

4. More than a few times/ part two is just nasty if more than one. *side eye clnmike.

5. how bout neither.

6. love my taste. nough said.

Peyso said...

1. Nope
2. 87.5%
3. Had it done a few times, sometimes good, sometimes realy realy bad.
4. 5 and 2
5. Crowd as long as its not cold.
Bonus. Not a turn off or a turn on but I always seem to do it. *winkks at sharon*

Anonymous said...

Talk about TMI, lol.

1. Never. No. Nah.

2. 99% of the time.

3. No teeth on you so no teeth on me please.

4. Three or four. Uh, just one. That's a lot going on otherwise.

5. Run naked. I'm secure enough.

Bonus: It's not a turnoff. My Georgia peach tastes GREAT!!!!

A Go Bytch said...

1. Yes I have been semi-stalked.

2. Ummm normally once..I'm good. Not greedy!

3. No teeth for 300 alex!
4. ummm...24 hr period whispers: two
5. Run naked through a crowded place!

Bonus: Never kissed my partner after oral.. and it's a turn off when they try to...not a super big deal though

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

been stalked by 3 women before and some that i didnt even date

Anonymous said...

1) Never been stalked that i know of... and if you call peeking in my girl's window when she didn't know about it I guess i am guilty. We were "officially" broken up but only for a short while... I didn't consider it "over" and so I crept on the spot. What did I see? Lets just say it was more than X rated - and since she would never have admited it (I tried to give her room to) I was glad I stalked.

2) I'd say over 90... sometimes I have to save some for extra rounds though. I'm not as ahem... young as i used to be and i don't have blue aids or anything like that.

3) As long as it don't hurt - betta know what your doing with those chicklets.

4) I'm thinking 6. It was one of them days. - God only one!

5) I Guess They Call It The Streak!

Bonus: Look - if your going to do all that no sense in being shame. Sharing the taste is very intimate when you are in love!

Skoolboi Krush said...

clnmike - never had anybody mess with my car. that would get real ugly.

sharon - the question is supposed to be, has that number been the norm for you?

peyso - you, mike, and go are living dangerous with more than one person within a 24 hour period. lol

ieisha - no stalkers or stalking?...tell the truth!

go - how do you get semi-stalked?

t - you can't be puttin' it on them like that! lol

bbgcmac - what made you creep around her spot like that? you said that y'all were broke up, so she wasn't cheatin.

Anonymous said...

She tells me the SAME thing. I ain't sayin it was right. But it was only a couple days afterwards. Don't you remember what happened to Ross and Rachel?

"We were on a breaaaaaak!"

It wasn't like I didn't care becasue she said it was over - we still had love for one another.

Emotions not withstanding - I was wrong and I bought that.