Passing Notes: Fall Back Spring Ahead

Unexpected Advice
I was on the phone the other night with the person I like to call my bestest. She has been a good friend to me since my Morehouse days. She's they type of friend that girlfriends and wives never like. She hangs with the fellas; is very loyal; and is protective when it comes to me. The type of friend you would want with you if a fight broke out. We hadn't talked in several months but that wasn't unusual at this point in our lives. The conversation that night eventual went to my current single status and what went wrong in my relationship.

"Krush, sometimes you have to fall back for things to work out."

I understood what she meant because I had thought the same thing.  Hearing her confirmation of it, only strengthened my resolve. Pushing back from a situation can give you the clarity necessary to make a proper decision about how to move forward.  It is wild how hearing something so simple from an unexpected source can make so much more sense than the thoughts that are rambling through your own mind.
I made a promise to myself that I was going to take this summer to enjoy myself and refocusing myself on the things I want to achieve.  So if I told you in the past that I was coming through to visit, this will be the year.  Don’t be surprised when you look up and see me in your favorite spot. 
NBA Playoffs
As I write this the Celtics are putting a hurting on the Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals.  I actually like Boston but I can’t cheer for them in this series because I know they would dominate the Lakers if they met in the Finals.  Yep, I’m going for the Lakers to win it all again.  I just want Kobe to have more rings than Shaq.  Celtics are a problem though.  Between Rondo, KG, Pierce, Jesus and Roscoe, they got too much heart for the Magic. Dwight Howard is getting exposed for being one dimensional and not strong enough mentally to win the whole thing.  Speaking of the mentally weak, Lebron choked once again.  I was cheering against the Cavs all season so I’m good without the Lebron-Kobe matchup everybody else has been looking forward to this year.  The only disappointing thing was that Antoine Jamison was exposed as not being the player we all thought he was. I really thought he was going to make a big difference in the playoffs. 
As far as my Hawks go, they imploded just like they did last season.  I wanted to get rid of the coach two years ago but management decided to keep him after the team stretched the Celtics to seven games in the first round.  He had taken this team as far as he could.  They need an experienced coach to push them over the top.  The way things went down this post season, I don’t expect this team to make the playoffs next season.  New coach, new players, and little expectations.  Looks like I’m back to waiting on the lottery.

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