Hello 2008

How are you doing? I’m doing pretty well. I must say that I have been anticipating your getting here for several months now. You see, I’ve always done better in even number years. There is nothing scientific about my belief; it just seems to happen that way for me. My birth, high school graduation, marriage, first job, first house and numerous other joyous occasions have occurred in even years. In contrast, odd years have seen my father’s death, my divorce and 2007 brought the death of both of my grandmothers. I am sure that you are thinking that all of this must be a coincidence, right? It might be but after living through all of these events, it sure feels like a fact to me. So you can understand my excitement about your arrival, right? They say that years come into your life for a season, reason or a lifetime. Well, duh! I already know you won’t be here long. You are going to stay longer than just one season so I guess that leaves reason. What that reason is we will have to discover together.

While we hang out together, there some things that I would like to accomplish. Trust me; we are going to have fun too but the main theme of our relationship is going to be handling business. The first order of business is my health. Yeah, yeah, I know what you are going to say, “Everybody says that at first. In a few months you’ll be back to your old bad habits!” Hell, I’ve done exactly that a couple of times myself. This time is different though (I see you rollin’ your eyes!) because I’m getting old now. Play time is over; it is time to get serious about it. I’ve got to start thinking about being here for my moms, as she gets older. If I want to have kids in the near future, I need to be around to care for them. The second thing on my agenda for 2008 is buying a house. Every since my divorce, I’ve been renting and I hate it. There is a huge difference between the people who rent and those who own. I am not the renting type. By the time, you leave; I will be in a house. You are probably saying, “What happened to the fun?” Well, that is the third item that I want to let you know about. While we are together, I want to stop and smell the roses. This past year went by pretty fast for me and I can’t remember having any fun. That can’t happen again. We are going to get out and meet people, travel, call all those people who say that I never call them, and enjoy life. Since the end of my last relationship, I’ve spent way too many Friday and Saturday nights at home alone.

Speaking of those lonely nights, I refuse to spend an entire year alone. So I hope that you are bringing with you a nice young lady with whom I can spend some time. Even though I intend to get out and meet and great this year, I know, that love doesn’t come when you are searching for it. I’m just going to make myself more available than I did in 2007. She’s not going to knock on my door unless she’s a Jehovah’s Witness. Nothing wrong with a spiritual chick but I’m not planning on voting for Mitt Romney. If you’ve been reading my blog, you should already know what I’m looking for in a potential mate. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned what she should look like but if she can possibly resemble Gabrielle Union, I would appreciate that. Look out for a brother!

So 2008, I am happy to see you! We’ve got big things ahead of us. I’m firm believer in reciprocity so if you are good to me; you’ll enjoy this as much as I do. It’s a little cold outside so come on in kick up your feet and enjoy a nice glass of Crown with me.

Your friend,



Eb the Celeb said...

Definitely stop and smell the roses... what would life be life if you dont... LAME... and u cant be that... Good luck with finding you Gabrielle Union this year!

dejanae said...

well what do you know?
me and Gabrielle are good friends. I'm bout to bring her over so yall can get acquainted

good luck on the house, heaalth, love track

Butta said...

Amen my brother. I want to see you make things happen this year. You know I'll be checking in on you and vice versa I'm sure.

And let me know if when you find your Gabby Union look alike if she has a single and straight brother, cousin or young uncle who looks like Idris Elba. I am the first one on your hook-up list, bruh.

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

gabby huh?? well damn i was gon knock but gabby is some stiff competition..LOL...lemme stop...i'm hoping for lots too in 08...I want to be shocked and amused at all the joy this new year brings! {raises glass} *cheers*

soumynona said...

I feels this post Skool, glad I stopped by. Quite original with a nice flavor. btw, the Gabby shout out is hilarious, I was thinking Gina Torres but hey to each its own

Skoolboi Krush said...

I appreciate the well wishes everybody. We need to keep each other on task as the year progresses.

Eb - Could never be lame! That's not in a Geminis nature.

Dejanae - Let me find out your holding out on the hook up!

Butta - Did you have face time with the REAL Idris Elba? If I run into a brother with his credentials I'll hook you up.

GG - Don't tell me your afraid of a little competition? Plus, your local. I'm looking for you on the streets of ATL right now.

Soumy - Thanks for the love. Oh, I am not mad at Gina Torres either.

Vivrant Thang said...

*side-eye* at Butta. Face time indeed.

8 is my lucky number so I'm also expecting this to be a GREAT year for me. I really hope the same for you as well. In terms of finding someone, you have the right attitude. As self-helpish as it sounds, you do have to get out and enjoy your life and have some fun. That kind of energy attracts good things all around. That's my plan.