Do's and Don'ts

Hey y’all! It’s your man, Krush, back in the building. How was your Christmas? I hope that you were able to spend some quality time with your loved ones. I was feeling a little under the weather myself. Fortunately, my mom and sister were in town to keep me company and nurse me back to health. Checked out The Great Debaters on Christmas Day. It was a good but I could have waited for cable or the DVD. I’m trying to see that new Alien vs. Predator joint though! The most memorable thing about the movie was that there was an entire kindergarten worth of kids in the theatre. Black people! Why can’t we find babysitters when we want to go to the movies? Please let the rest of us enjoy the movie in peace!

I have a co-worker who just broke up with her boyfriend of nine years and is enjoying being single right now. She is a very attractive sister who gets plenty of attention from guys. More than once, I have walked pasted her cubicle to hear her phone-boning with her latest man of the moment. Not appropriate for the workplace but hilarious nonetheless. Recently, she has been flirting with a brother who works on a different floor. This dude is so sprung that it is sickening. She doesn’t have any serious interest in the brother but enjoys the attention (and playing with his mind if you ask me!). I think she takes it a little too far sometimes though. Like the night she broke up with her man, she went by this dude’s house and spent the night. According to her, nothing sexual happened. That may be true but you can’t be doing that when you know that homeboy wants to put his name on it. She also went to a family function with him where she met his mother, several aunts and his son. I told her that she was wrong for giving him mixed signals but she told me that she has repeatedly expressed to him that she wasn’t interested in getting into a relationship. Actions speak louder than words though, right?

If I ever get a chance to speak to this guy, I am going to give him the following advice:

Do's and Don'ts of Cultivating and Maintaining a Platonic Friendship with a Woman You Would Otherwise Want To Have a Relationship With and Quite Possibly Marry.

DO play and replay scenarios in your mind where you come out and declare your true feelings to her, whereupon you proceed directly to frenzied yet sensitive,
passionate, and completely fulfilling love-making.
DO NOT actually attempt this.

DO rehearse elaborate and impassioned declarations of your love
DO NOT ever let anyone hear you doing this.
DO NOT ever actually give her the speech. (Instead, drop little, enigmatic, self-deprecating hints to her, and then agonize over why she does not pick up on them.)

DO listen to all her problems with men:
No matter how many times you have heard her make these same mistakes (with other men),DO NOT get so entranced by her soft, full lips that you lean forward and kiss her. (Fantasize about it instead.)
DO feel the knife twisting and your insides tearing up as you listen to this
DO develop a gnawing enviousness that grows into an insane jealousy
DO commiserate with your close guy friends. See who can come up with the most heinously painful story about "The Treatment." Shudder in unison.
DO NOT confide in any of your female friends, because:
1. They won't understand.
2. They've done it themselves. In fact, they enjoy doing it.
3. They'll think you are talking about them.
4. They are obligated to pass on their knowledge to the Psychological Warfare Division of the Sisterhood to Destroy All Men.

DO get drunk
DO NOT get drunk and confront her
If you do reveal your true feelings to her while drunk or in an otherwise abnormal or altered state of mind (incl. unwarranted happiness, ridiculously deep depression, brain fever, etc.), DO deny and disavow all statements the next day.

DO say how it would be such a big mistake if you were to get together with her.
DO joke about it afterwards.

cry, break down, and admit that you have been carrying a torch for her for ___ weeks/months/years/aeons.
DO NOT consciously avoid her for the next two weeks (avoid her unconsciously).

DO curse yourself for being a miserable, spineless, pathetic, emotionally-stunted fool.
DO promise that you will change, that things will be different.
actually change.

DO agonize about whether to sign letters to her "love" or "your friend"
DO NOT pretend you are kissing her when you lick the envelope.

DO vacillate between fearing that she will discover how you feel about her and hoping that she does.

DO seek out opportunities to hug, air/cheek kiss, and give/receive back rubs
DO NOT let things get out of hand (if this should happen, apologize profusely and disavow everything)

DO become trapped in a shallow, meaningless, lifeless relationship.
DO NOT actually seek out a secure, quality, lasting relationship, as this would interfere with your fantasizing about her

DO complain bitterly about this awful relationship to all your friends and to her.

DO create a web page that is vague enough to be relevant to the masses, yet specific enough so that the one, special platonic friend you've been carrying a torch for reads it, comes to her senses, and fulfills your fantasy.


dejanae said...

DO NOT pretend you are kissing her when you lick the envelope.

DO create a web page that is vague enough to be relevant to the masses, yet specific enough so that the one, special platonic friend you've been carrying a torch for reads it, comes to her senses, and fulfills your fantasy

i see u got that one down...lol

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

lol funny you krush and dejanae...
the sad thing about this is that all women go thru this phase when they break up with someone..i'm guilty..my name is geegee and i'm a flirtaholic..especially after a break up..you want to have that feeling that men want you, you want them to fall all over themselves for you..it makes you feel good...thats it..you feel wanted again...its normal for her to act this way...i've told guys hey look i'm not looking so stop trying but they keep trying so I keep letting them pine for me cuz my ego won't tell them to stop..sometimes the guys just won't accept NO!!! some guys like being a play toy..eventually she'll get over it. you on the other hand need to find someone else to fantasize about lol!

Skoolboi Krush said...

Dejanae - What makes you think I'm talking about me? ;-)

GG - Yeah, like you said, I think all women are guilty of this to some degree. Its not your fault if you tell the dude and be consistent about it.

dejanae said...

y can i picture u lickin the stamp and doin that pretending u kissin her mess?
stop that. 'kay?
not a good look
make 08 that year man

Eb the Celeb said...

Good stuff... and I had a christmas day great debators horror story as well... black folks..

also feeling the new playlist... love D-Brock... actually every joint in there is a jam of mine... except platinum pied pipers... I dont know what that is... but about to check it right now!

Opinionated Diva said...

I didn't read your do's and dont's but I have to really wonder about dude. Your female co-worker JUST broke up with her man of nine years (there's every chance that they might get back together) and he lets her sleep over, meet his child (the hell?) and his family???!!!

I can't place all the blame on her...Dude should just know better.

Happy New Year!

Skoolboi Krush said...

dejanae - Please believe that I have no trouble telling a woman that I'm interested in her. It's not me!

Eb - Do yourself a favor and check out PPP. The CD is a couple years old but a worthwhile investment.

diva - Happy New Year to you too! They both share in the blame equally. I don't know him so I can only talk about her side of it.